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HeadCount at Warped 25

     HeadCount is able to register voters from 45 states. The nonprofit will speak with anyone that has concerns about voting or how to register if they feel comfortable signing up.

     One of the many concerns of voters may be convicted felons that assume their voice will never be heard in voting. Webb elaborated on HeadCount’s approach to this issue. “We want everybody to know their rights. Lots of people that are out of prison think they have lost their right to vote forever but lots of states restore your right to vote when you are out of prison or off probation. We’re here not only to register people but to provide information about their rights that they may not have been aware of.”     

     Voting has become more crucial than it ever has been. The youth of today, as well as everyone that is eligible to vote, holds the future of America in their hands. Some may believe voting is pointless. Truth is your vote could be the difference between who holds a seat in office or a law that is passed. You may be curious to know why your voice matters. With over 30,000 volunteers nationwide, there is an organization that will assist you with voting concerns.

HeadCount is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that has registered over 600,000 voters since 2004. 

    Many artists such as Ariana Grande and Panic at the Disco partner with the nonprofit to help register new voters on tour. HeadCount also has made its presence at music festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour 25th Anniversary in Atlantic City and Firefly Music Festival in Delaware.

     Sophie Webb, a representative for HeadCount at Warped Tour in New Jersey, explained who and what HeadCount does. “We’re nonpartisan. We don’t care how you register or how you vote. We just really care about getting the vote out and making sure everybody is using the voice that they have to participate in our democracy and create change that they are passionate about. Whether it be legalizing marijuana, women’s rights, climate or freedom of speech.

     If you would like to find out more information on HeadCount or how to get involved, you can visit

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