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Electric Forest 2024 Recap

    Hearing all the amazing feedback about a festival is one thing but experiencing it firsthand is another. Electric Forest lived up to all the hype that I have heard about in recent years. The sights and sounds of the forest were as majestic as you could imagine. A plethora of choices from stages to vendors to all sorts of fun landmarks. 

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage


    Thursday was highlighted by a performance from Everything Always, the duo of John Summit and Dom Dolla. When I first walked in that night, I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted to a set at the Tripolee stage from Le Youth. The chill vibes immediately set the mood for what was going to be an amazing weekend.


    As you walk throughout the festival, you will discover that you can easily become lost but in a good way. As you enter you will find the Tripolee stage, which hosted a primarily dominant dubstep and bass infused lineup. Next is the Ranch Arena, which was the main stage for acts such as, Ludacris, The String Cheese Incident, Nelly Furtado, Subtronics and more.


    Continue to follow the path through the Sherwood Forest and stumble upon the Sherwood Court. This stage hosted acts like The Disco Biscuits, Whyte Fang and Seven Lions. Next up is the Carousel Club, a pavilion type stage that was home to performances from Oden & Fatzo, DJ Susan, Lettuce and more. 


    Residing next to the Carousel Club was the much talked about Dream Emporium. This featured anything from canoe rides, wrestling to a speak easy. 


    Other stages included The Observatory and Honeycomb. One spot you could walk up in a spiral of steps for a breathtaking aerial view of the festival. The other was a compact area where festival goers surrounded the artist with chill and pool house type vibes.


    Other sights throughout the forest included a chapel with entertainment that was far from religious. Also, the majestic lights and eye attracting figures were sure to enhance the experience to be as magical as possible. There was also a silent disco featuring a number of artists performing on different channels for your choosing throughout the day and night. 


    Overall, Electric Forest was well worth the visit and is highly recommended for anyone looking for a weekend festival getaway filled with a variety of musical and nonmusical choices that are sure to satisfy anyone. 

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