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Firefly Music Festival 10th Anniversary Recap

     The 2022 edition of the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE celebrated its 10th Anniversary! I attended three of the four days at The Woodlands, skipping out on Thursday’s action. The rest of weekend brought plenty of exciting energetic performances from a variety of artists.

     Friday, I conducted a majority of the artist interviews for the weekend. They included Dayglow, Jagwar Twin, Loud Luxury and a highly anticipated reunion with Teddy Beats! It was like emo heaven with a Warped Tour reminiscent lineup featuring performances from My Chemical Romance, All Time Low and Avril Lavigne.

     Saturday, I was off the festival grounds for much of the day as I had other obligations to accommodate. I did make it back to Firefly in time for Green Day and Porter Robinson. Green Day’s set was beyond amazing! Well rehearsed and providing the fans with a show to remember for years to come.

     Sunday, the final day of Firefly, I was able to grab a better look at the sights and stands setup throughout. It was overall a very similar layout as we’ve seen in previous years. The only major difference from last year was the Food Truck Oasis replacing a majority of the space that The Brewery occupied. The Brewery was downsized to a tiny area serving a couple of Dogfish Head options. There was also a ferris wheel this year, making the festival more Coachella like.

     Before I continue with the remainder of the weekend, I can’t forget to mention the eats! I wasn’t able to try much but if you want to support local businesses in Delaware then I recommend Delmarva Barbecue. The food truck caught my attention immediately along with the mile long line of people waiting to enjoy of delicious pulled pork.

     Sunday’s action became a little bizarre when a weather evacuation was mandated in the early evening hours. Although we ended up with a few minor raindrops, The Public Safety Authority acted promptly as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of festival goers with the radar appearing very threatening.

     After the festival gates reopened, I was able able to catch T-Pain’s set on the main stage and follow it up with my grand finale of the weekend. Teddy Beats threw one hell of an epic party at the Bud Light Seltzer Stage Sunday night!

     Overall it was another successful year at Firefly that went by way too quickly. The only downside was having to reschedule a couple of artist interviews on Sunday due to the weather delay pretty much messing up everyone’s day. I look forward to next year as Firefly remains one of my favorite festivals to attend throughout the year!

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

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